What Is Fondool?


Fondool.com is leading the change for adult entertainment and networking. With a strictly professional approach, world first concept and platform Fondool is the definition of a one stop, easy to navigate website where adults can cater their cravings, whatever they may be.

Our growing community are currently able to shop for their favourite his, hers and couples toys, view personal advertisements as well as view and purchase exclusively posted content by our approved V.I.P’s and soon view our live streams as well.

All whilst being able to make a completely free profile allowing you many benefits commonly recognised with social media platforms such as, customising your profile and wall photos, adding friends and favourites, private messaging, editing posts and more.

Applying to become a V.I.P is also free but you are given a strict screening to ensure you meet the professionalism Fondool strives to maintain. Once accepted you will receive all the above benefits but also with the added ease of controlling your posts and profitable content all from your custom profile.

Why Choose Fondool?


There are many benefits within Fondool for our Customers, Members and V.I.Ps.

With Fondool advertisements you are given the opportunity to contact V.I.Ps with confidence and without the worry of fake or scam ads. Fondool has deterrents and screening processes in place for all V.I.Ps and advertisements, in order to allow you the piece of mind that whoever you see pictured and described in an advertisement, is who you meet with. Please report or email us immediately if you feel someone is breeching our standards and level of quality.

As a guarantee, we can assure you Fondool is constantly working hard on changing and updating our unique platform to ensure the absolute optimal experience and safety for all users. Fondool is not a pop-up website or short term project. We are working closely with long term industries and legal professionals to not only ensure the longevity, growth and quality of Fondool, but to also allow a chance to make industry changes where necessary.

We are always open to feedback, suggestions and enquiries via our [email protected]

What’s The Benefits?


Customers just wanting to anonymously browse and shop through our toy selection can do so knowing you are receiving the utmost in quality and fairest in prices. Whilst being only one click away from the ability to purchase exclusive content to accompany your new toy purchase or possibly even view an advertisement and find the company you desire to join in experimenting with your new purchase.

Members wanting more out of Fondool are able to have the same customer experience with a totally tailored feel. As mentioned above you are able to create a completely free and customisable profile which comes with most advantages commonly recognised with social media platforms making it easier to stay in touch with your friends and Fondool favourites, leave comments and feedback, chat with likeminded people and make new friends, enter our competitions and more.

V.I.P status requires a free application although a strict criteria must be met before verification. This is required as Fondool V.I.Ps are able to post as may free advertisements as necessary as well as photo sets or video content for profit. Our processes allows confidence and trust with customers which in turn means more sales for you. As well as your own profile you will have a custom V.I.P dashboard to allow you to keep track of your sales flow, create promotions, see on the mini map where in the world people are purchasing your content and much more. Absolute convenience and maximising profits is what we want for our Fondool V.I.Ps, no more having to manage multiple accounts for socials, advertising and content sales, allow your followers to find more of your material with ease and generate more sales. Attract new followers as a customer and or member may be online to buy a toy, chat with or make friends, view the many things Fondool has to offer and then come across your profile and content. Fondool is also strengthening our network and industry relationships to not only help you financially grow but also support your growth and safety within the industry.

Our Network

  • Jane Nock
    Jane Nock Manager
  • Lilly Honest
    Lilly Honest Designer
  • Sara Denly
    Sara Denly Marketing Manager
  • Lara Susz
    Lara Susz Product Manager
  • Lena Sistle
    Lena Sistle Designer
  • Zara Ginz
    Zara Ginz Trade Coordinator

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